jesus did not die for this

the more I stare at it the funnier it gets


i want there to be a really awesome rebellious “strong and silent” anime character and later it is revealed that it’s not that they’re mysterious or cool tHEY JUST DON’T SPEAK A WORD OF JAPANESE AND THEY HAVE LITERALLY NO IDEA WHAT ANYONE IS SAYING


too many outfits cant even remember them all ;;

Be yourself. You’re okay.
Yohji Yamamoto (via bodyfluids)
Underneath the scorching sun, on a hilly road, our blurry figures were walking. The temperature of the summer remained in my eyes


alternatively if you have no fucking clue what miku is you can always watch this video with really neat pretty music that sums it up in 60 seconds


haruka’s smile makes me happy


the makers of dangan ronpa

are making

a snk game

the makers of dangan ronpa

are making

a snk game



So I made this for the RT shirt competition

i would wear the fucking shit out of this



RIP for the 2 passengers who died in the accident. Pray for the 293 missing passengers on the accident . Hope they’ll be found soon and stay safe. Pray for the families so they’ll stay strong and keep in faith. #PrayForSouthKorea


cute habit?? probably

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